Clone your local <> remote site like a pro

Sync DB and files for your WordPress sites with FTP / SFTP

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Sync only the

Our sync is super fast since it syncs just the changes

Sync DB

Your local and remote URL’s are update. We have got your back on serialised data too ;)

Super fast

Our sync is way faster than FTP.

Sync both ways

Sync from live to local and local to live. Its Git for your FTP

Sync selectively

You can ignore files, folder or MySQL tables and sync the things that you need..

Track DB changes

coming soon

You don’t have to track the DB changes in the notepad anymore We will list the queries that changed. Import it with a click.

Staging to Live

coming soon

If your workflow is from local -> staging -> live. We got you covered.

Auto Sync

coming soon

Sync a file when its changed. Save a click overtime a file is changed.

Git Support

coming soon

Manage Git from the same place you manage your FTP servers.



"How is this better?"

Traditional Way

Works great with


Works with


Who are we?


Which is used by 600,000+ WordPress sites. We love WordPress and we work hard for you to save
time with your workflow.

Is it FREE?

Yes, we love freemium. That is the only way to take our products to every users. We will have Pull and Push free for life with unlimited sites. And these pro features will be paid. It will help us to maintain and build cool features.


• Unlimited websites

• Pull and Push changes from local to server and from server to local

• Track DB changes

• Auto sync file changes

• Manage staging and live environments

• Git integration