Clone your [Local   Live] sites

Move the changed files and DB with just a click. No FTP needed.

How does LocalSync work?

  • icon-clone_1 Spin up a fresh WP site.
  • icon-tools Install the LocalSync plugin on both sites and configure them
  • icon-move-left-right Move DB & changed files between them with just a click

How is LocalSync better?

Sync just the changes

Traditional tools: ZIP all files, without considering the number of files that have actually changed. Most of the time its less than 10 files.

LocalSync: Moves only the 10 changed files, thereby saving time and resources.

Load images from the live site PRO

Images make up a major chunk of your WordPress sites' size. By loading images from the live site directly, your syncing process will be much faster.

Sync selective files PRO

Traditional tools: The whole site is moved between local and live. You never get a gist of what changed.

LocalSync: Get a list of files changed and sync only what you select.

Dev › Staging › Live PRO COMING SOON

If your deployment workflow involves staging your dev site before taking it live, we've got you covered.



  • icon-check-red Sync DB and only changed files between Local and Live sites
  • icon-check-red For use on 1 site only


  • icon-check-red Sync DB and only changed files between Local and Live sites
  • icon-check-red Load images directly from the live site
  • icon-check-red Sync selective files
  • icon-check-red Review and selectively delete extra files when syncing
  • icon-check-red Support for Dev › Staging › Live workflow (Coming soon)

No credit card needed


How does the Free Trial work?

You can try the full-featured plugin on 1 site for 14 days. At the end of the trial, you can purchase a license based on the number of sites you will be using it on simultaneously.

What does 'Use on N sites at a time' mean?

With a 10-site license, you will be able to install and use the plugin on 10 sites simultaneously. You can always disconnect sites that have not been used for 30 days and use it on another domain.